Welcome to

Parrish, the Thought
A Blog of
Poems, Stories, and assorted Other Musings

Allow me, please, to introduce myself as the namesake Parrish –
Gordon, by given name.

I love to write, and always have.
I love the written word as much as I do the spoken word –
and all who know me know that I love the spoken word – especially when I am doing the speaking!!

I am privileged to have had the opportunity over the years to write
– songs, poetry, stories, a newspaper column –
All in the hope that someone would enjoy them
and maybe take away a little something from them.

More about me and mine another time –
For now I want to Thank
My Wife of more than a few years for her support –
My Daughter-in-Law for all that she is going to do to help me with this thing –
And a Fellow named Scott Emmons for his good words and encouragement.
Scott is the author of a little jewel of a book of poems called
“Christmas Unwrapped” (Hallmark 2003)
and is the man responsible for a site called
“The Daily Rhyme” (thedailyrhyme.com)

Feel free to let me know how you feel about this blog –
like, not like, don’t care a tiny bit…whatever.
I will appreciate it much.

Oh, Yeah — Unless otherwise noted —
all Posts are Copyright Gordon F Parrish.



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