Thanks to our Troops

In Honour of Memorial Day, We offer up this Greeting to Active Military personnel who are someplace other than home – deployed and, maybe, far from their loved ones, to serve the rest of us in ways most of us will never understand, or appreciate.  Safe Journey and Good Fortune — and God Bless.

Thank You, Thank You THANK YOU !!

On the slopes surrounding Bunker Hill,

In the skies above Japan;

On the rolling hills of Gettysburg

And the scorched Sahara’s sand;

On ships that move across the broad expanse of ocean wave,

On horses, tanks and Jeeps go our protectors true and brave.

From the soldiers and the seamen

To the men who wear the bars,

From the cooks and clerks and nurses

To the ones who wear the stars –

Each one of you has given some, and some have given all

To keep our flag unfurled and proud, and never let it fall.

To Those of You we greet today –

Please know that while you’re there

We hold you in our hearts and thoughts –

and offer up our prayer

For you and all your families, and for your safe return.

Our Thanks to Each of You for helping Freedom’s Candle Burn.


2 comments on “Thanks to our Troops

  1. Chris W. says:

    And thank you Gordon, for being able to express the sentiments that many of us feel, but are unable to put into words as well as you have.

  2. Darla says:

    Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while! More, please!

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