Greetings, All —

Here are a couple of repeats from last year – extensions/expansions of a couple more of Scott Emmons’ shorter poems.

Thank You, Scott.

The Kids, The Grandkids – and Me

They’re all counting the days until Christmas,

As sugarplums dance in their heads.

They’re all staying up later and later –

They can hardly stay tucked in their beds!

They’ve been working on “Wish Lists” since August

And the lists will get longer each week.

Two new padlocks protect the Guest Bedroom

To make sure that no kid can “Sneak Peak”.

They’ve rigged up a sleigh just like Santa’s

With the hope of – just maybe? – some snow.

To provide “Reindeer Power” to move it

They’ll just hitch up the Beagle and GO !!

I know that they’re all looking forward

To the presents, the food and the fun.

They’re all counting the days until Christmas!!


I’m just counting the days ‘til it’s done.

Miss Perfect

My down-the-street neighbor’s a Christmas sensation.

Her energy level is high on the chart.

I wish I could be her ! I wish I could do it !

(The truth is I really am not all that smart.)

Her cards are mailed out by the first of November.

She’s done with her shopping by September One.

Her lighting display starts the night of Thanksgiving

(and no one can tell when she got it all done).

She makes the most marvelous holiday cookies

(she grows her own wheat in her garden out back).

Her fruitcake is edible! Truly delicious!!

(a feat for which few normal folks have a knack!).

She makes her own candy canes, fudge, pecan shortbread,

and gingerbread houses in various styles.

She’s known for her hand-crafted Marzipan Santas –

“It wouldn’t be Christmas without them,” she smiles.

She volunteers weekly for Salvation Army

(her bell-ringer pot sets new records each time).

She sings in two choirs for neighborhood caroling

And still writes her annual Holiday Rhyme.

Her hand-woven wreaths are the neighborhood envy.

Her tree is just perfect – so green and so straight.

Her hand-painted ornaments sparkle and twinkle

And everything’s wonderful. Beautiful. Great !!




My down-the-street neighbor won’t rest for a minute

When striving for maximum holiday cheer.

She settles for nothing but outright perfection.


I’m tempted to spit in her eggnog this year.




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