Once again – Thanks to Scott Emmons, the Daily Rhyme, for allowing me to borrow a piece on which to build –

And you really ought to check him out.


Maim That Tune

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Music !

You can hear it wherever you are.

The carols and more modern standards

at the mall, on the street, in your car.


 There’s one song they never stop playing –

It’s a side-splitting, knee-slapping zinger

‘Bout a reindeer that ran over Grandma.

I just wish he had aimed at the singer.


Fashion Foe Paws

I guess the Season is to blame –

at least that’s what the guilty claim.

I’ve seen them – I know you have, too –

those folks who seem to have no clue.

Their sense of Self is flying high

as the hairy Elf who walks close by

embarrassed, surely, by the clothes

and shoes and hat his owner chose.

So —

You who dress your dogs and cats

in cutesy coats and Santa hats –

Please give me just a little clue…

Whatever did Fluffy do to YOU ??



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