A Holiday Wish For You

So, Halloween has come and gone –

The kids took all the candy

And we’ve taken ghosts and goblins from their places.

We took a break – a short respite –

Before we started prepping

For the season sure to make for smiling faces.

Thanksgiving was a Special Day –

(It’s hard to really tell, though,

‘Cause already all the Christmas stuff is here.

Poor Turkey Day gets pulled up short…

It’s hard to get into it

When that Other Holiday is come so near!

So let’s take a minute, slow it down –

And take a quiet look around

At all the things that make our lives worth living.

We see our Families, our Friends,

We see the Blessings with no end —

Then surely – Every Day can be Thanks Giving.

Now – Christmas Time is coming

And it’s time to start the shopping

And get ready to put lights up on the gutters.

We put up the tree this weekend,

Now my wife will decorate –

And by next Monday I will be completely nutters!!

I’m offering this poem now,

The first one of the season,

With the Hope that this next month won’t go too fast –

May your shopping not be stressful,

May your families be at peace –

And may you build a million memories to last.

Happy (coming) Holidays.


Please do feel free to pass this on to as many others as you wish –

Anybody and everybody both here and away –

Send it out into the wide world !!


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