Vote…?? VOTE !!!

Because my bosses know that I do such things, one of them asked me a couple days ago to put together something for distribution today.

Vote…??  GO VOTE !!
Ten score and forty years ago
Our Fathers started talking and
Decided it was time to make a change.
They didn’t like the way things were
And thought things could be better (and
They thought King George was acting rather strange).
They wrote a Declaration –
The foundation of a Nation
Soon to come into existence on these shores.
But King George didn’t like it much –
He thought he’d nip it in the bud –
So came the first of this new Nation’s wars.
And when the fighting ended
And we bid the King “Farewell”
We had to figure out exactly who we were.
Did we want another Monarchy?
Republic?  A Democracy?
“Decisions must be made now – Let’s confer !!”
So our Fathers got together and
They argued and they fought, but
In the end they made a document of note —
And what we call our Constitution
Gives to all of us the privilege –
And more than that, the Right – to cast our vote.
Today’s the day this year to make
Our wishes known to those “in charge” —
To tell them some of where we want to go.
We have the chance to make some change –
Or not, that’s strictly up to you –
But each of us should try to let them know.
So now I urge you – Each and All –
To take advantage of this right
And privilege.  Put action to your voice !!
Take time – go find your polling place
And cast your vote – and breathe a word
Of Thanks that we all truly have this choice.
Vote…! !  GO VOTE ! !

3 comments on “Vote…?? VOTE !!!

  1. Judi says:

    One of your best

  2. Chris W. says:

    Excellent work Gordon!

  3. Darla says:

    Love it!

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