One of our granddaughters is about to hit the two-year mark – and just a few weeks after that event she will help welcome a little sister into the house.  I figure her world is about to be up-turned, big time — so I wanted to channel a little reassurance from the soon-to-be to the already is..

To My Big Sister


 For two long years you’ve been the joy of Mom’s and Daddy’s life.

They’ve loved you and they’ve cared for you,

And though there’s been some strife,

They’ve tried to teach you how to be a perfect little girl –

But Look Out, Sister!  Here I Come to set your life a-whirl !!


Yep – Here I Come!  It won’t be long before I’m finally born –

And when they bring me home

I know your patience will be worn.

You might not like it much at first.  I’m sure you’ll wonder why

They pay so much attention to me…All I’ll do is cry!


I’m sure they’ll like me better for a while and that’s okay –

I’ll need a lot of help and care

To make it through the day.

I know you’ll try to do your best to help take care of me

And you’ll make Mom and Daddy just as proud as they can be.


Please hang in there, Big Sister – I won’t always be so small

And I will need your help

To draw some pictures on the wall,

And you will have to teach me how to be the “perfect child”

(while we push Mommy’s ‘buttons’ and we drive our Daddy wild!!)


I’m sure you’ll love me lots and that you’ll always let me know

That you’re The Best Big Sister In The World !!

And as we grow

We’ll fuss, and fight, but in the end we’ll always make amends,

And pray that God will help us be the Very Best of Friends !!


Here I Come, Big Sister !!  I LOVE YOU ALREADY!!


 Channeled and Translated by Grumpas.


2 comments on “LOOK OUT, BIG SISTER – HERE I COME !!!

  1. Darla says:

    you know, I love my brothers, but I adore my sisters. Something about sisterhood ❤

  2. Judi says:

    I do believe this is one of your best ever

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