A Treat for Break Time

Every once in a while, one of the members of my work team will bring some goodies to share.

My turn today – and I put this note out to the team to let them know.


A Treat for Break Time

On Monday nights my wife takes off and goes out grocery shopping

And leaves me home to mow, or iron – the chore list keeps me hopping!

I’ll feed the dogs, and maybe watch TV or read a book –

But sometimes (often lately !) I JUST FEEL A NEED TO COOK !!

I’ve had my dinner, so I look around for something more.


Bananas sitting in the basket looking pretty sad –

Another day or so we’ll have to pitch ‘em – and that’s bad !!

 I get the mixer from the shelf – I grab the eggs and flour

And lemon juice and walnutz – and in only half-an-hour

I’m finished and the loaf pans rest behind the oven door.


My kitchen smells just loverly – my stomach starts to growling.

The Beagle even likes it !!  (Well, at least she’s stopped her howling.)

 Banana-Nutz Bread at my desk – six little loaves to share

If someone wants to cut them up and lay them out somewhere.

Please, come get some –

and if you do, next week I might make more.



One comment on “A Treat for Break Time

  1. Darla says:

    oh goodness…..my mouth is watering. Methinks you need to learn to bake with gluten-free flours for the next time I visit!

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